Apply, Book, Play!

  1. Artists apply using our sign up form
  2. The Selection Process: LME artist bookers go through all applications to choose the best artists.
  3. Booking Confirmations: Once artists have been chosen and agree to the terms, they will receive an e-mail confirmation to play the show.
  4. The First Meeting: Chosen artists must attend the first meeting for event orientation, and ticket pick-up.
  5. The Final Meeting: Artists booked for the show must attend the mandatory final meeting in order to play the show. At the meeting artists will bring back all funds from sold tickets, and any remaining unsold tickets. Official set times, and technical specifications are also discussed at this meeting.
  6. The Show: Artists booked must arrive at the venue at their designated check-in times, check-in 15 minutes before their settime with our stage manager, and play a 25 minute set. All artists have a 10 minute set-up time in addition to their set time
  7. Merchandise: Artists are allowed to sell any merchandise at our shows and keep 100% of the proceeds.
  8. Networking: Artists are welcome to speak to the judges (industry reps) after their set or between sets, to make their own connections. Artists also have the opportunity to network with t their local music

Choosing the Top Artists

Depending on which market, all artists must play throughout our entire 2 or 3-round showcase festival series. Top performing artists are chosen from each round, to move on to the next round. GRANTS are given to our top selected artists in our FINALS showcase festival. There are approximately 15 artists who play in every show.

Judging Criteria

  • Tightness & Professionalism: 25%
  • Stage Presence & Performance: 25%
  • Originality/Creativity, Songwriting/Structure: 25%
  • Crowd Engagement & Reaction: 25%

Industry professionals are at each show judging each round of events. Each artist is given hand-written feedback, and are invited to speak to the judges after their set for verbal feedback and networking. The artists whom the industry professionals choose in our finals will be given grants. Artists with grants then go through a post-show follow up to discuss and use their grants.

Industry Judges

Landmark Events is proud to invite music industry professionals to judge our showcase festivals, to ensure that artists, are being chosen according to their professional judgement. Our industry representatives look for pure talent and quality of the artists’ performances and music based on the LME judging criteria.

Here is a list of industry reps that frequently come out to our shows, and are part of the judging panel:

Mark Spicoluk Founder of Underground Operations & Cloud Empire Creative
Victor Mijares A&R at Warner Music Canada
Stephen Gasparek Senior Marketing Manager at Sony Music Canada
Lenny Levine Owner at Club Roll Records (former President Last Gang Records)
Kate Davies A&R at Universal Music Canada
Franz Schuller Owner of Indica Records, member of Grimskunk
Paul Galatti Owner of Whammo/Universal
Dylan Towle 604 Records
Eddy Diaz Artist Development & Sales at eOne Music
Justin Wachtel The Heist Agency (radio tracking)
Marilène Bélanger Entertainment Lawyer and Artist Managerment
Pierre Soupras Owner of Milagro Records
Kelly Anglin Management, A&R at Warner Music Canada
Glen Robinson Renowned Producer (
Jason Furman Booking Agent For S.L. Feldman & Associates
And others...