Utilize Music Development Grants & Build A Good Support Team…

Following the LME Showcase Festival, we create relationships with the artists who have played in our shows, and work with those who have been awarded grants.

The Grants

  • Recording time with the best highend studios and producers in cities across North America
  • Performances at LME Showcase Festivals in a different city where top performing artists will play at primetime slot at top mid-sized venues for industry reps and sold-out audiences
  • Non-exclusive licensing/music placement contracts
  • Global Distribution
  • National Publicity/PR Campaign
  • In-House Career Strategy, Marketing & Planning Consultations
  • Tour Support
  • Label/industry submissions through a solicited source
  • And more…

Educating Artists

At LME we aim to provide artists with a better understanding of how the music industry works, who the key players are, and how to develop a “do-it-yourself” philosophy. LME assists artists in creating a quality product to present to professionals in the business. By utilizing our grants, and networking with the right people, artists are also learning how to manage their own business.

Industry Contacts

LME has great relationships with their industry contacts, including their partners, sponsors, and music industry representatives. When artists are ready to show their product, LME knows exactly who to show it to. Contacts include recording studios, known producers, A&Rs from major and indie labels, booking agents, radio trackers, publicists, and more…