Our Mission

LME strives to break down the walls between independent artists and their access to the right resources and contacts in the music industry, to help them create sustainable music careers.

By providing artists with the proper resources, and contacts, LME empowers artists to make educated decisions, and also gives artists an insight on the proper steps to take to achieve the goals they want for their music careers and projects.

Our goal is to provide the music industry with the best new artists, and give a chance to these emerging artists to stand out from the clutter of the many independent artists who are trying to succeed in a very saturated industry.

What We Do

LME is an artist development organization, that discovers new up and coming independent artists through live showcase festivals.

We believe that exceptional quality music product is the first step to success, and seeing artists perform live in front of the public, and industry representatives, is the best way for us to see their market potential.

Professionals from the music industry are invited to the showcases to choose the best independent artists from these festivals. Once the top selected artists are chosen from these events, LME rewards them with music development grants.

Once grants have been given, artists consult with LME to plan and strategize on how to utilize these grants for their

What We Offer

  • The opportunity to play at the best mid-size venues in North America
  • Building new fan-bases for artists
  • Being seen and heard by professionals in the music industry
  • Networking opportunities with professionals in the music industry and their local music community
  • Music development grants such as recording time at high-end studios, music placement and licensing contracts, global distribution, publicity campaigns, marketing, label submissions, tour support, showcases in other markets, and more…
  • Artist Development consultations
  • An LME community in each respective market we operate in.
  • International opportunities
  • And more…